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Cows are one of the most popular domesticated animals in many countries around the world. They bring a number of benefits to those that have them, but the surprising thing is that they are a lot more sophisticated than most people give them credit for.
They are a lot like people in that they are very social. They will automatically gather into a herd and will form bonds with some of the cows, while avoiding others.
Here are some interesting facts about cows:

  • Cows are colorblind to the red and green colors. People sometimes think that it is the red color of the cape that catches the eye of the bull in a bullfight, but it’s actually just the waving of the material.

  • Cows have the ability to hear both higher and lower frequencies better than human beings.

  • The average dairy cow weighs about 1,200 lbs.

  • You often see a cow chewing. They actually chew at least fifty times a minute and has 40,000 movements of their jaw per day.

  • Most of the time we see a cow standing, but they actually sit down and stand up around fourteen times each day.

  • When you see a cow grazing, they are not biting the grass but instead curling their tongues around it.

  • They have just one stomach but it is divided into four different compartments for digestion.

  • The length of time for a cow to be pregnant is the same as humans: nine months.

  • Cows produce a lot of saliva. The make so much saliva that it totals to around 125 pounds per day.

  • A typical day for a cow is: 8 hrs. eating, 8 hrs. chewing their cud and 8 hrs. sleeping.



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