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Many children wish for a pet rabbit and who can blame them? Children often love the idea of a baby bunny and we agree – baby animals are the cutest! Rabbits have been a symbol of many cultures representing nature, fertility and happiness. Their mostly small size and gentle nature has made them wonderful pets as well as a source of food on many continents.
Although not always the most disciplined animals, a rabbit is one with personality, sociable with people and is very interesting to have around (There’s always something going on in a house with a rabbit).
Interesting facts about rabbits:

  • Rabbits are a type of rodent and are known for their large ears, soft fur, large feet and springy legs as well as small tail.

  • There are thirty species of rabbits that reside all around the world. Many of the rabbits differ but they all share quite a few common traits.

  • Rabbits breed a lot and have many babies each of the four times a year that they breed. Only 15% of the baby rabbits that are born live to be one year, so nature has given them the opportunity to produce a lot of babies.

  • Rabbits are herbivores (plant eating) mammals. The eat vegetables, tree bark and herbs. A rabbit’s diet is very important. The wrong food can kill a rabbit.

  • Rabbits are social, loving and interactive animals. They live in groups called herds in a home called a warren. The average lifespan of a rabbit is between 8 to 10 years.

  • Rabbits can jump as long as 36 inches and higher and can run about 35 miles an hour.

  • They don’t like being picked up.

  • They are considered quite clean animals as the groom themselves.



1. NAME: Christos
DATE OF BIRTH: August 26th 2016
GENDER: Male (Buck)

2. NAME: Eleni
DATE OF BIRTH: November 30th 2016
GENDER: Female (Doe)

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