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Sheep have been one of the highly prized domesticated animals in many cultures around the world. They bring many uses to humans including the use of their coats, milk and as a food source. In Greece approx. 10 million sheep are bred, which is the fourth highest number in Europe.
Interesting facts about sheep:

  • Sheep are herbivores, which means they eat plants, vegetables and grasses.

  • Sheep typically exist in grassy plains and mountains and are believed to have originated in Asia and Europe.

  • Sheep are incredibly intelligent and have the ability to do simple problem solving. They are compared to the same intellectual level as dogs.

  • Sheep also have incredible memories. They can remember fellow sheep as well as humans for many years.

  • Sheep, like some other creatures, have the ability to display emotions. They use the positioning of their ears, facial expressions and various vocalizations to express emotions.

  • When a sheep becomes ill they will seek out specific plants to self-medicate.

  • A female sheep is called a ‘ewe’ and forms a very tight bond with her baby. A mother sheep will be able to recognize her young from their own unique call or ‘bleat’.

  • Sheep are social animals and love being in a group. From birth, they are very independent, playful and sometimes mischievous.

  • Domesticated sheep are typically smaller than wild sheep. Wild sheep also have horns that they use for protection and predator defense. The largest breed of wild sheep is the Argali which averages 1.2 m tall.



1. NAME: Haralambos

DATE OF BIRTH: February 12th 2015

2. NAME: Amalia

DATE OF BIRTH: October 21st 2015
GENDER: Female (Ewe)

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